Alpine Park Lions

lions crop

This aging lion is one of two donated to Salida in 1915 for Alpine Park. I.W. Haight, an early day businessman was the donor. The two are at the park entrance, corner of fourth and F Streets. Its companion is nearby but not close enough to be included in the picture. The lions are favorite play spots for children of the community in the summertime. — from The Mountain Mail.

The lions were carved by Abran (Abramo) Marchi, an early day Salida resident. Abran was born January 16, 1871 in Milan, Italy, and died in Chicago, Ill., on January 17, 1945. The Marchi family lived in Salida approximately from 1915 through 1927.


Mountain Mail article dated July 10, 2015

Boxing in New MexicoĀ – a short bio of ‘Kid’ Marchi, the son of Abran, with a small mention of the Alpine Park Lions.

alpine park lion
photo from the Salida Centennial Photo Archive

haight gives
from the Salida Mail dated September 14, 1915

photo from the Jerry Potts Photo Collection


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