Chaffee County Assessor’s Cards

If using an image in a publication or a reproduction, please credit the Salida Regional Library, Salida, Colorado.

The Chaffee County Assessor’s Cards were donated to the Salida Library by Dennis Morain. At the time, Mr. Morain was the facility manager with the Chaffee County Courthouse and he rescued many old records that would have been fated to go into the landfill. These cards date back to the 1930s and 40s. Most have a photograph of the property and values listed.

If you would like a high-resolution image of a photo, please see Joy.

Each street name listed is a link to a combined PDF file document.

North F St.                                F St.

Sackett Ave.                             Front St. (now Sackett)

B St.                                             C St.

D St.                                             E St.

G St.                                             H St.

I St.                                              J St.

K St.                                             L St.

M St.

E. 1st St.                                    W. 1st St.

E. 2nd St.                                  W. 2nd St.

E. 3rd St.                                   W. 3rd St.

4th St.                                         5th St.

6th St.                                         7th St.

8th St.                                         9th St.

Blake St.                                    Nichols Ave.

Oak St.                                       Poncha Blvd.

Palmer St.                                Park Ave.

Teller St.                                      Milford St.

Hillside                                       Grand Ave.


Highway 50                              Highway 291

Rainbow Blvd.

Poncha Springs                        Rural Route

Northern Chaffee County

Golf Club

Mystery placespossible solutions

These are some photos that were loose in the collection. No assessment was attached for them.

Log Cabin Courts were located on Hwy. 291 next to the Touber Building:
ps 1 Log Cabin Courts -hwy 291 next to Touber Bldg    ps 2 Log Cabin Courts -hwy 291 next to Touber Bldg     ps 3 Log Cabin Courts -hwy 291 next to Touber Bldg

ps 4 Log Cabin Courts -hwy 291 next to Touber Bldg     ps 5 Log Cabin Courts -hwy 291 next to Touber Bldg

The Poor Farm, located on C.R. 160. Current location of the River Run Inn:
ps 2 Poor Farm - C.R. 160ps 1 Poor Farm - C.R. 160

134 G St.:
ps 100 block of G - where Bank of the West is

Del Rio’s, current location of Salida East campground:
ps Del Rio - Salida East campground 1 ps Del Rio - Salida East campground 2

Cute dog in a backyard:
ps dog mystery photo

Out on highway 50, approximately where Sacred Ground coffee is:
ps Hwy 50 & G - where Sacred Ground is

Highway 50 and G St.:
ps Hwy 50 & G

King’s Crossing, at Hwy 285:
ps King's Crossing - Hwy 285



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