Newspapers & Chaffee County Census

City Directories & Phone Books

Yearbooks & Teacher/Student Listings

Maps – most are specific to Salida and the surrounding area.

Chaffee County Assessor’s Cards – The Chaffee County Assessor’s Cards were donated to the Salida Library by Dennis Morain. At the time, Mr. Morain was the facility manager with the Chaffee County Courthouse and he rescued many old records that would have been fated to go into the landfill.

The Donna Nevens Collection — Donna has an extensive collection of Salida history. She enjoys researching and collecting the early local history of Chaffee and Lake counties.

Salida Historic Buildings Surveys — contains detailed historical and architectural information for the buildings and houses in Salida.

1981 Salida Architectural Surveys — these surveys were the precursor of the Salida Historic Buildings Surveys from the 2000s.

The Tenderfoot — Salida High School’s precursor to the Tenderfoot Times, the student run newspaper.

The Lago-Salida Connection: Pioneers from Lago to Salida – documents the journey of many Laghitans who emigrated to Salida from Lago from 1885 to 1920. Written by Dr. Francesco Gallo.

Keystone View Company — A major distributor of stereographic images, this collection was well-used by Salida Public Library’s patrons in the early part of the 20th century.


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