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Donna Nevens has an extensive collection of Salida history. She enjoys researching and collecting the early local history of Chaffee and Lake counties. When the library staff is stumped by a reference question that has to do with our local area, or when an author is doing research on a Chaffee County topic, Donna is the go-to person. Back in the 1960s, Donna would go into the Mountain Mail offices (then-editor George Oyler gave her a key to the place) and read newspapers into an audio recorder; then, she would go home and transcribe what she had read. She has amassed great quantities of research over the years.

The Collection

Thomas Nevens Papers — Thomas Nevens was Donna Nevens father-in-law. He collected these pioneers statements & narratives before his death in 1945. At least ten of the narratives were included in the book Under the Angel of Shavano by George Everett and Dr. Wendell Hutchinson.

Salida 1882
1882 map of Salida with notes by Thomas Nevens

A Sketch of the Monarch District, including towns along the South Arkansas — a Chaffee County Times typescript.

The Town of Garfield

Altmans 1881 Mining Map
Altman’s 1881 map of Monarch, Chalk Creek, Cottonwood, and Gunnison Mining Districts

The Town of Monarch

The Pride of the West Mine was located up the North Fork of the South Arkansas (near the North Fork Reservoir).

Peter Mulvany — successful Salida businessman in the 1880s and 90s. He suffered a terrible string of bad luck when fires burned his businesses, four in the space of 20 months.

The Town of Shavano was located up the north fork of the South Arkansas River. It was founded in 1879 and only lasted for a few years.

T.J. Hampson — Thomas Jeffereson Hampson was a miner in the Garfield area of Chaffee County, Colorado, during the 1880s.

WJ Bryan Whistlestop tour
William Jennings Bryan’s ‘Whistlestop Tour’ — American orator and politician, Bryan was in Salida on October 28, 1902 and delivered a speech from the caboose of a railcar in the Denver & Rio Grande rail yard.

Edward David Cowen — newspaperman for the Leadville Daily Herald during the 1880s. Ed Cowen wrote a great series of editorials detailing his tour of the mining region in the Monarch area, paying particular attention to the town of Maysville.

Photographs of the Town of Maysville, taken in 1880.

211. Section 4
The Compiled Ordinances of the City of Salida 1904 — Includes catalogue of the Officers of Salida from its incorporation in 1880 to the year 1904, inclusive.

Chaffee County Directory — 1936-1937



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