Town of Garfield

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The town of Garfield was first known as Junction City and then after as Monarch, before staying with Garfield. It is located between Maysville and Monarch Pass, near the South and Middle Forks of the South Arkansas River in Colorado. Garfield had a post office from 1880-1889, and then again from 1905-1911.

Garfield suffered a catastrophic fire in 1883. A barrel of gunpowder exploded at Farrel’s Saloon and the entire town burned to the ground.

These photos are courtesy the Donna Nevens Collection.

Garfield 1886

Junction City (later Garfield) before the Big 1883 Fire. Date of photo: 1881.
From the Denver Public Library Western Collection.

Garfield. Note the shingle advertising S.J. Spray, deputy mineral surveyor for the town of Garfield. He was listed in the Colorado Business Directories for 1882-1884. The town of Garfield (formerly Junction City) is not listed before 1882. S. J. Spray was the husband of Ruth Spray, Tuesday Evening Club member.
From the State Historical Society of Colorado.

From the Hermit of Arbor Villa Collection



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