Hutchinson Family

If using an image in a publication or reproduction, please credit the Salida Regional Library, Salida, Colorado. The Library was graciously given permission to use the photos of the Hutchinson Family by the Hutchinson Homestead, Salida, Colorado.

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 Major Joseph Sykes Hutchinson, Civil War veteran, moved to the upper Arkansas Valley in 1866. He established the oldest family-owned working ranch in the county. It is now the present-day location of the Hutchinson Ranch on Highway 50 between Salida and Poncha Springs. Major Hutchinson was superintendent of the Cash Creek Placer and kept ledgers of these proceedings. One of these ledgers is the oldest piece in the Salida Archive, the Cash Creek Ledger dating from 1862.  Major Hutchinson married Annabel McPherson in 1868. They had four sons: John Arthur (Art), Bailey Forbes, Harold Charles, and Joseph Mills.

Annabel with her four sons

Major Hutchinson died May 16, 1882. His obituary appeared on May 20 in the Mountain Mail:

‘About nine o’clock this (Tuesday) morning word was received that Mr. Joseph Hutchinson had died at his home on his farm three miles west of Salida at half after seven o’clock this morning. Just what the immediate cause of his death was is more than we have been able to ascertain. For a long time, Mr. Hutchinson has been suffering with neuralgia in his head and face. This has extended back several months. During the last few week he has been kept at home part of the time on account of these troubles, the pains at times being very severe. It appears that during the last few days these pains have been most severe about the base of the brain.

Mr. Hutchinson, or “Jo Hutch” as he has been familiarly called, has lived in this valley about seventeen years. He was born in Dearborn County, Indiana, about forty-five years ago. He was early left an orphan and was raised in the family of an uncle by the name of Hall. Soon after the breaking out of war, he went into the service, being mustered in as a lieutenant, and served faithfully until the close of the war, being with Banks on the Great Red River expedition. He was a Republican until the split between Andy Johnson and Congress, at which time he followed Johnson’s fortunes and remained a Democrat to the day of his death.

In 1863 or 1866, he came from Indiana to this valley as the agent of Bailey & Gaff to take charge of their stock interests. Since that time he has lived in this valley, part of the time engaged in mining enterprises but generally largely interested in stock. He has made and lost one or two fortunes in cattle, but has not for over a year paid much attention to business other than farming.

Mr. Hutchinson has held different official positions. In 1878, he was elected to the lower House of the Legislature by a small majority, and we believe that he had once previous to that time been a member of the Territorial Legislature. At the time of his death he was one of Chaffee County’s commissioners, having been elected to that position last November by a flattering majority.

Though Mr. Hutchinson had some enemies, as all men with decided opinions and resolute will must have, he has a host of friends in this valley who with the widow and children earnestly mourn his death.’

Major Hutchinson’s Cattle Accounts Book – 1866

Art Hutchinson kept ledgers all of his life. The Salida Library has Art’s ledgers from 1898-1899, 1904-1906, 1923-1925, 1927-1931, & 1946.

1906 Ledger – part 1
1906 Ledger – part 2
1906 Ledger – part 3       

Art’s 1946 Ledger     

       annabel-josephmills-gertrude-mills-bailey-1906-sepia                                           joseph-harold-arthur-bailey-1895
Annabel, Joseph Mills, Gertrude Mills,  and Bailey                                                Art, Harold, Joseph, Bailey

This Autograph Book was the property of Joseph Mills Hutchinson. Dated 1912.

Bailey Hutchinson


The Hutchinson-Barnett Cabin is located near the top of Marshall Pass. The camp, located about 25 miles west of Salida,
was originally a seasonal residence for cowboys working the Hutchinson Ranch. Dr. Wendell Hutchinson stayed there occasionally as a boy.

Wendell F. Hutchinson, great-grandson of Major Hutchinson and grandson to Harold, practiced veterinary medicine in Chaffee and the surrounding counties. He kept diaries for most of his life. The Salida Library has Wendell’s diaries for the years: 1945, 1948, 1952, 1953, 1973, 1982, 1991 and his ledgers for the years: 1950, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958.

Harold Hutchinson

The Salida Archive has in its collection the following books that were the property of the Hutchinson Family:

Holy Bible, American Bible Society, 1861. The following letter was found in this Bible.

1862 letter from bible

The Eclectic Physiology or Guide to Health, Van Antwero, Bragg & Co., 1886

Monteith’s Easy Lessons in Popular Science, A.S. Barnes & Company, 1879

Marching Through Georgia, Ticknor and Company, 1889

Photos from the Hutchinson Family Photo Album. [Those that are unnamed may be members of Mary Sue Hutchinson’s (nee Swallow) family.]

Two unnamed tintypes:

Unnamed tintype 2       Unnamed tintype

Unnamed photos:

unamed 1          Unnamed 2

Unnamed 3          Unnamed 4          Unnamed 5

Unnamed 6          Unnamed 7          Unnamed 8

Unnamed 9          Unnamed 10           Unnamed 11

Unnamed 12          Unnamed 13          Unnamed 14

Unnamed 15

Named photos:

Helen Mae Wall          Beverly Wall          Sally Wall
Helen Mae Wall                                      Beverly Wall                                        Sally Wall

E & B Mann          Gene Wall
Elizzie & Billie Mann                        Gene Wall

Geneva Redford          Joe & Jessie Mann
Geneva Redford                                 Joe & Jessie Mann

Joe          Johnny B Mann
Joe                                                     Johnny B. Mann

unidentified lake

May Ann Ball          Oliver Pearl Mann
Mary Ann Ball                                           Oliver Pearl Mann



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