Local Lore

The Legend of Loyal Duke — This dog was a fixture at the Monte Cristo Hotel in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His memorial is midway up Tenderfoot Mountain.

Follow the Hearts to Salida — Wilbur Foshay’s 1940s campaign to attract tourists to Salida.

Spiral Drive — built in 1922 by the Lions Club, Warden Capp, and civic-minded citizens of Salida.

Laura Evans — Salida’s most famous madam lived on West Sackett, operating her parlor house in what is now the Mon-Ark Shrine Club. She was interviewed by her lawyer, Fred Mazzulla several times and transcripts of these interviews are available online. Thanks to History Colorado for their generosity.

Salida’s Fire Boys — An early history of the Salida Fire Department, formed in January of 1881.

Hutchinson Family – Major Joseph S. Hutchinson, Civil War veteran, moved to the upper Arkansas Valley in 1866. He established the oldest family-owned working ranch in the county and which is now the present-day location of the Hutchinson Ranch on Highway 50 between Salida and Poncha Springs.

Two Evangelists — On January 20, 1922, two visiting evangelists were kidnapped in front of the Sherman Hotel at First and G Streets by some Salida ruffians. Article from the Salida Mail.

Hidden Treasure of the Spaniards — map printed by the Salida Record in 1937 which may show the location of some hidden treasure near Chalk Cliffs.

UFO Over Salida — in 1995, Tim Edwards filmed a UFO over Salida, Colorado.

Mid-Summer Roundup — Salida’s 4th of July Celebrations were held from 1927 until the Great Depression years.

Denver & Rio Grande’s Last Passenger Train — At the end of 1964, the Denver & Rio Grande sent its last passenger train west.

Alpine Park Lions — two lions guard over Alpine Park directly across the street from the library.

FIBArk History — America’s oldest whitewater festival, FIBArk (First in Boating the Arkansas) began with a bet in 1949.

Town of South Arkansas — one name, two towns.

Tenderfoot Trail is a Real Thriller — from Colorado Highways, April 1922

Hermit of Arbor Villa – Frank E. Gimlett, author of the 9-volume epic, Over Trails of Yesterday, and Salida’s Santa Claus.

People You Know in Chaffee County – published in the Salida Mail, October 28, 1930.

Town of Cleora — where Salida might have been.

The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot demolition — The D & RG Depot was located at the turnaround at Lower F Street.

The Poor Farm — The Poor Farm was originally built in 1892 on 100 acres of land along the Arkansas River on C.R. 160 and was home for the destitute of Chaffee County in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Harriet Alexander — Salida City Councilwoman was active in local politics and was instrumental in the creation of Salida’s airport.

Sunny Salida Colorado — compiled by the Salida Board of Trade, early 1900s.

View Book of Salida, Colo. — The Gem of the Rockies — promotional material from the early 1900s.

Salida, the Model City of Colorado — printed by the Salida Record, ca. 1913.

Grand Lodge Session I.O.O.F. of Colorado souvenir, compliments of the Salida Times — souvenir pamphlet dated October 14-17, 1907.

Murder on Mt. Antero! — true crime in Chaffee County.






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