Mystery Places — possible solutions

Photo of the church and labeled with abbreviation ‘P.E.’ is the original Episcopal Church building on E. 4th St.

Photo labeled ‘316-324 W. St.’ is W. 1st St.

Photo labeled ‘Albert Costello’ is on W. 2nd St., across from High Country Bank.

Photo labeled ‘131 9th St.’ might be the back of Hylton’s.

Photo labeled ‘Fluorspar Inc.’ is a mystery.

Photo of the Skelly gas station is where the Woodland Motel is now, out on 291.

Photo labeled ‘Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. is Clyde’s Auto Body on Park and Oak.

Photo labeled ‘Raimon Cook’ is the 100 block of E. Sackett, next to the Fritz.

Photo with ‘Hoefnagels’ crossed out is the Driver’s License building on W. 3rd.

Photo labeled ‘Morrison, J.T.’ is on Hwy. 50 next to Gone to the Dogs, and across from Sacred Ground.

Photo labeled ‘Sturgeon’ is where the Woodland Motel is now, out on 291.

Photo with ‘Kortz’ in the city/town field is somewhere in Smeltertown.

Photo labeled ‘Allphin, James M.’ is a mystery.

Photo with label ‘Buena Vista’ is somewhere in Buena Vista.

Photo labeled ‘Butala, Frank’ is where Butala Sand and Gravel is.

Photo that’s had the top cut off is probably at the intersection of 291 and Hwy. 50 where Tenderfoot Health Collective is.

Photo of Furphy’s Drive Inn is at the corner of W. 2nd and 291 across from the ball park.


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