A Selection of Old Newspapers

The following issues are loaded with historical information relevant to Salida and the surrounding area:

Mountain Mail – January 1, 1881 – includes a Brief Outline of Salida’s Past and a True Picture of the Future of the Town.

Salida Daily Mail March 30, 1892 – includes ‘Sunny Salida’, mining operations, and the Denver & Rio Grande.

Salida Daily Mail – August 12, 1892 – includes ‘Salida, Gem of the Rockies’, mineral resources, agricultural lands, railroad facilities, and Poncha Hot Springs.

Salida Daily Mail – August 4, 1896 – includes ‘The City of Salida: the Commerical and Industrial Center of Central Colorado. A Thriving, Vigorous Community of 3,000         Charming, Happy People.

Salida Daily Mail – June 5, 1900 – a look back at 20 years since the formation of Salida.

Salida Daily Mail – August 10, 1906 – includes Salida and Chaffee County, Salida enterprises and Salida men, and active mining near Salida.

Salida Daily Mail November 23, 1909 – includes information on the Monarch Mining District, including the Big Madonna Mine, the Great Lily Mine, and Gimlet’s Maverick Mine.

Salida Daily Mail – December 23, 1910 – includes granite and mining operations, the advance of Chaffee County, and the Carnegie Public Library.

Mountain Mail – October 28, 1957 – historical record of Salida which includes stories of miners, pioneers, and townbuilders.

Mountain Mail – April 14, 1962 – information about the fire that burned down Salida High School.

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