Patricia Bradbury Holton Collection

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These photographs were graciously donated by the Holton family in memory of Patrica Bradbury Holton.

Patricia Bradbury Holton

Photographs in this collection are of the town of Granite and surrounding area and date from 1880 to 1900. The Galvin and Bradbury families settled in Granite and worked in the local mines during this time. Here is a History of the Bradbury Family.

Patricia Bradbury Holton’s Family Tree.

Patricia Bradbury died in July of 2013.

Diary of Rachel Bradbury, Patricia’s great-grandmother. Rachel writes of their trip moving by wagon from Canon City to Granite in 1880.

A view of Granite, taken ca. 1883. The ‘x’ marks the location of the courthouse which burned down in 1897.

B.W. Marsh’s Harness Shop. This building was later an Assayer’s Office and burned down in the 1920s.

The Aztec Mine in early 1900. Owner Jesse Bond is seated 8th from left.

The Aztec Mine owned by Jesse Bond. This image features two African Americans, highlighted by checkmarks.

The Belle of Granite Mine, December 22, 1900

The Cache Creek Boarding House, 1860, located just below the Granite Cemetery

The A.G. Curtis General Store in Granite, 1880.

The Commercial Hotel in Granite, 1883. This building was in existence during the height of Leadville’s freighting days and later became Willard’s Hotel.

An excursion to Twin Lakes, early 1900s.

The E Shaul Sample Room, a place where salesman showed off their merchandise. Charlie Brown’s father is on left end. This image was taken in the 1880s.

Frank Bradbury, Sr. is in the first row, second from left (marked by arrow).

An image of the Granite station, loading tools which are headed for Aspen. The ‘x’ marks the location of the Bradbury house. Taken in 1887.

W.L. Bradburn’s Blacksmith & Wagon Shop.

Monkey’s Saloon run by Boss Caswell. Boss is bearded man standing in doorway. Taken ca. 1896.

National Meat Market in Granite. Image taken before 1882.

Ball Brothers business in Granite. This building is below the school house. Taken ca. 1895.

Aftermath of the 1897 Granite Fire.

Aftermath of the 1897 Granite Fire.

This building housed the post office in Granite. Photo taken ca. 1887.

Granite school picnic ca. 1900.

Unknown group

John Galvin, Jr. highlighted with yellow streak.

Margaret Galvin and Mary Ellen Galvin Bradbury are highlighted with yellow streaks beneath.


Mary Galvin, Margaret Galvin, Edward Galvin, and Patrick Galvin are featured in this photo. This image was taken ca. 1891.

Mr. and Mrs. Pine at the Pine Place. This image was taken ca. 1882 and burned down in 1914.

The old Ball House was upriver above Spurr’s old home. Names of some of those pictured are: Mrs. Pratt, Mrs. Jim Ball’s mother, Miss Ball, Mrs. Jim Ball, Jim on the steps, Mrs. Murphy (?) with baby, and May Ball Whitson.

This was H.A.W. Tabor’s log house near Cache Creek. It became a school in 1883.

Willard’s Hotel in 1882

Willard’s Hotel

Yard & Jester’s Blacksmith & Wagon Shop

Margaret Skeehan Galvin

Elsie, Margaret, and Edward Bradbury. Taken in 1905.

Edward Francis Bradbury, ca. 1950.

Joan Bradbury



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