The Tenderfoot

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The Tenderfoot was the literary magazine of Salida High School in the early 1900s.

It was published monthly during the school year and was the precursor of the current student-run newspaper, The Tenderfoot Times. Below are links to each issue that are in the Library’s Archive.

Tenderfoot Hill

‘It has been with the keenest of pleasures that we have received so many words of praise concerning the first edition of our high school paper. After  we had overcome all of the worries and innumerable obstacles which we have been obliged to confront, it was with a sigh of relief  that we sat down and listened to some of the congratulatory comments on Volume One, Number One, of the Tenderfoot. Pride overcame us, however, and the ‘editorial we’ began making active preparations to accept positions on some of the leading New York dailies. Later a feeling of loyalty towards this paper forbade us to accept the many tempting offers for the reason that said dailies have refused to place their ads in the advertising columns of the Tenderfoot. Note the example we are setting forth for you.’
from The Tenderfoot, November 1909

The Tenderfoot – November 1909

The Tenderfoot – December 1909

The Tenderfoot – May 1910

The Tenderfoot – October 1910

The Tenderfoot – November 1910

The Tenderfoot – December 1910

The Tenderfoot – January 1911

The Tenderfoot – February 1911

The Tenderfoot – March 1911

The Tenderfoot – April 1911

the debating team

The Tenderfoot – May 1911

The Tenderfoot – October 1911

The Tenderfoot – November 1911

The Tenderfoot  – December 1911

The Tenderfoot – January 1912

The Tenderfoot – February 1912

The Tenderfoot – March 1912

The Tenderfoot – April 1912

The Tenderfoot – May 1912

The Salida Library Archive also carries The Tenderfoot Times from September 1972 through March 1996 as part of the Dick Dixon Collection.


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