Thomas A. Nevens Papers

If using an image or paper in a publication or a reproduction, please credit the Salida Regional Library, Salida, Colorado.

The following narratives are part of the Donna Nevens Collection.

Thomas A. Nevens was Donna Nevens’ father-in-law. He was a prominent city and county attorney for Salida and Chaffee County, Colorado and was also a member of the American Legion Post #64, during the time when Legion led a project to finance and build the Chaffee County Courthouse.

He was a prominent collector of history and interviewed many local pioneers. At least ten of these narratives were included in the book Under the Angel of Shavano by George Everett and Dr. Wendell Hutchinson.

Thomas Nevens’ obituary – Nevens died in a car accident on November 16, 1945.


Bancroft’s pioneer statements along with Donna Nevens’ notes. These narratives were included in Hubert Howe Bancroft’s History of Nevada, Colorado, and Wyoming, 1540-1888, Vol. 25, 1890.

Thomas Penrose – Statement

Anonymous – a copy of an old paper written with pencil by an unknown party, which was found by Judge Newitt in his office files in 1931.

Fred Bateman – Newspaper serial & Recollections

Arthur Hutchinson – Statement 1 & Statement 2Ā  & 1935 & 1938 Statement

Una Hogue – An Indian Chronicle & A Sketch of the Life of Shavano

Hugh Clark Boon – Notes on Life History & Hugh Clark Boon & 1st Suppplemental Statement & 2nd Supplemental Statement & Early Days in Chaffee County

Hugh Boon’s obituary — Hugh died January 23, 1936.

John Mundlein – Early Happenings in the Upper Arkansas Valley

John Mundlein’s obituary — John died May 7, 1959.

Knight Wamsley – Statement from July 18, 1933

Knight Wamsley’s obituary — Knight died April 22, 1941.

Mary Nash Mear – Statement from September, 1931

Mrs. O.E. Harrington – Statement

Henry Weber – Statement from September 12, 1931

T.J. Thompson – Early Days in Chaffee County

Judge Joseph Newitt – Reminiscences of an Old-Timer

Chaffee County Historical Society, June 1942 – Notes on the Statements of Joe Cuenin & Arthur Hutchinson

O.E. Shewalter – The Murder of Bailey in 1879

M.N. Jordan – Pioneer of Saguache, Colorado

Chaffee County – Narrative taken from ‘In Colorado’s Gold Fields: The World’s Most Famous Gold Camps, pub. 1899 by W.C. Calhoun, Denver, Colorado. Pub. 1900, The Quarterly Sentinel, Vol. 4, No. 1, January 1900, pages 63-65.



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