William Penn Harbottle

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One of the most staunch supporters of the library in its infancy was Colonel William Penn Harbottle, a Civil War veteran and highly respected citizen. Upon his death in early 1906, it was learned that he had willed his personal library and his home at 546 “G” Street to the Salida Library Association, an organization within the Tuesday Evening Club. His will stipulated that it be known as the Juliana Reference Library, for his mother, and that it be a non-circulating library wherever it might be housed . The Juliana Reference room remains an important part of the library today and the Harbottle Estate continues to provide part of the funding for this part of the collection.

Juliana Harbottle

link here to Major Harbottle’s obituaries from The Salida Mail & The Salida Record, both dated January 5, 1906. Link also includes The Salida Record’s article ‘Was Major Harbottle An Atheist?’

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